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The importance of online reviews in hiring a construction company

When Massachusetts residents decide to buy a new car, the often get on the internet and do some research. They read online reviews, check out different dealerships and more, so why not do the same when hiring a construction company? Whether one is needed for a residential or commercial property, online reviews can provide a multitude of information from people who used certain construction companies in the past.

Construction law issues: Weather delays

Even meteorologists cannot accurately predict the weather beyond a certain point. Determining whether any delay-causing weather will occur during a Massachusetts construction project that will last at least months is impossible. This unknown requires careful handling when it comes to entering into a contract in order to minimize its impact and avoid construction law issues. 

Construction law issues: Staying on target to meet deadlines

Bidding on building contracts here in Massachusetts requires understanding the potential client's needs, including deadlines. One of the biggest complaints in construction law is delays. Making goals in order to stay on target to meet the client's deadlines could not only win the contract, but could keep a contractor in good graces by not breaching it with unnecessary delays.

Residential construction law protects consumers

Owning a home here in Massachusetts or elsewhere can be rewarding. When that home needs improvements, renovations or repairs, you entrust what may be your largest asset into the hands of a contractor. Even though he or she may seem trustworthy, you should take full advantage of the ways that consumer and construction law protect you.

Mechanic's liens must meet construction law requirements

Subcontractors, whether here in Massachusetts or elsewhere, expect to be paid for the work they do. When that does not happen, one of their legal remedies is to file a mechanic's lien. However, if it does not meet the requirements of current construction law and errors are made, it might not have the desired result.

Construction law issues: Stopping work during a dispute

Massachusetts general contractors who work for the federal government may want to take some time to understand how stop-work orders affect their contracts. The government often relies on this aspect of construction law during a dispute. The theory behind it is that suspending all construction during a dispute will help prevent any further breaches of contract.

Construction law issues between contractors and subcontractors

In many cases, when it comes to building, demolition and renovation, Massachusetts general contractors and subcontractors appear to have a united front in dealing with owners and developers. Behind the scenes, things may not be quite as tranquil, however. Construction law issues between contractors and subcontractors happen more often than either would like to admit.

Looking for a construction contractor? Beware of scammers

Many Massachusetts residents want to make their homes their own. This may involve doing some renovations that require the help of a construction contractor. In other instances, some sort of disaster, natural or otherwise, requires significant repairs. In either case, homeowners need to make sure that they are not falling victim to scams perpetrated by unscrupulous individuals.

How do indemnity claueses fit into construction law?

Every project is different, so every contract often is as well. This includes the indemnity clauses put into construction contracts here in Massachusetts and elsewhere. It may be necessary to look to current construction law to determine what type of indemnity clause may be put into a particular contract.

The types of defects seen in construction law matters

Massachusetts residents expect that their property is well built. When it becomes apparent that defects in a structure exist, most owners will turn to the builder for answers. However, different types of defects exist in construction law, and the defect may not be the responsibility of the builder.

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