How To Prevent Issues With Home Purchase And Sale Agreements

Buying or selling a home is a major financial transaction. Having a lawyer available to guide you through the process and provide you advice may be critical to your understanding of the complex transaction and assuring that your interests and rights are protected at all times.

Attorney Richard Mucci understands the Greater Boston and Massachusetts real estate markets. He has experience assisting both buyers and sellers in negotiating purchase and sale agreements and closing transactions in Middlesex and Woburn counties.

Make Sure To Have A Representative On Your Side

In a real estate sale, the seller looks out for the seller. The bank looks out for the bank and you, the buyer, need an attorney, whose only responsibility is to protect you. If you are purchasing a home, real estate lawyer Richard Mucci can work with you to review and negotiate the terms of the purchase and sale agreement.

He will make sure that the written agreement reflects the offer and acceptance and any provisions or contingencies agreed upon by the parties. In addition, if contacted early enough, he can assist you in negotiating the price if any issues are raised from a home inspection. He will also review the closing documents and represent you at the closing. He will work with your agent and lender to facilitate the closing and to make sure your interests are always protected.

If you are selling a home or condominium, Richard Mucci can represent you and offer advice in the acceptance of the offer and the negotiation of the terms of the purchase and sale agreement. He can draft a deed and clean up any issues relating to title. In addition, he will attend the closing on your behalf and resolve any outstanding issues post-closing.

Buying And Selling Can Be Stressful — We Can Help

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