Meeting The Legal Needs Of Condominium Associations

Condominium associations typically operate like small businesses. As a small business, an association needs a lawyer to advise it on day-to-day operations, legal disputes and questions surrounding condominium law.

Attorney Richard Mucci is an experienced real estate attorney who advises condominium owners and associations throughout Middlesex County and Woburn County.

Experienced Guidance For Condo Owners And Associations

As an experienced litigator and trial lawyer, Richard Mucci is highly capable of representing associations or owners, as plaintiffs and defendants in any legal action, including:

  • Condominium governance disagreements
  • Owner disputes
  • Construction defect claims
  • Financial management issues
  • Employment disputes
  • Insurance claims
  • Liability claims
  • Board of health or municipal complaints
  • Collections and liens

As a former trustee of a large condominium association, Richard Mucci understands the daily decisions facing associations. He understands the questions that may arise from regular operations, and he also knows how to evaluate owner disputes. He is fully equipped to work closely with associations by participating in annual meetings and board meetings when requested. He offers effective representation and counsel at cost-efficient prices.

He can also draft and amend condominium documents and rules. Additionally, he knows how to legally enforce the provisions of these agreements and protect the association and its members. As an experienced business attorney, he is skilled in reviewing contracts and expert in negotiating their provisions, if necessary.

Litigation Is Not The Only Option

Richard Mucci understands that most associations often do not desire a lengthy and costly courtroom battle. Consequently, depending on your specific case, his strategy may first include alternative dispute resolutions such as negotiation, mediation or arbitration. However, if litigation is warranted, he has the experience to devise and execute an aggressive and effective strategy to achieve a successful resolution. If contacted early enough and with the proper planning, he will be able to help your association avoid a dispute altogether.

He is a dedicated and competent advocate for associations and real estate owners. He takes pride in providing associations and owners with candid personalized services. He is available to represent associations and owners throughout Massachusetts.

Meet With An Attorney Who Can Help

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