Home Improvement Contractor Disputes

Massachusetts has a specific consumer protection statute and program designed to remedy disputes between owners and home improvement contractors. Attorney Mucci is experienced representing both owners and contractors in these disputes. The law is designed to provide consumers protections and remedies based on the high occurrences of default by home improvement contractors.

Understanding The Home Improvement Contractor Law

The law has strict guidelines for contractors to follow when conducting business with consumers and declares any violation an automatic violation of the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act. The Home Improvement Contractor Act has specific contractual provisions that must be included in contracts between homeowners and contractors, and any work costing more than $1,000 must be in writing.

Additionally, the law prohibits certain acts by contractors such as:

  • Operating without a certificate of registration
  • Abandoning a project
  • Deviating from the plans or specifications without owner's consent
  • Failing to properly credit payments to the homeowners
  • Making a misrepresentation to procure a job
  • Requiring excessive deposits for work
  • Contracting beyond the scope of registration

Experienced Home Improvement Contractor Act Attorney

Home improvement contractor claims and alleged violations are to be taken seriously, as owners can be awarded up to three times the amount of damages plus attorney's fees for violations of the Home Improvement Contractor Act.

Aggrieved owners have two options to seek relief: a court claim or participate in the expedited government-run arbitration program. Different circumstances dictate which is the best course of action. Attorney Mucci gives homeowners personalized attention to determine the best legal strategy. Conversely, Attorney Mucci's understanding of the intricacies of the Home Improvement Contractor Act allows him to devise an individualized strategy for any contractor confronted with alleged violations. Attorney Mucci has a comprehensive network of construction, engineering and architectural experts who can assist in investigating and testifying in these disputes.

Contact A Home Improvement Contractor Violation Attorney

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