Representing The Needs Of Owners And Contractors During A Dispute

Disputes between owners and contractors are commonly part of the construction process. Often, an experienced construction law attorney can achieve common ground and keep the project moving toward the end result. Attorney Richard Mucci has a reputation for negotiating resolutions and easing fulfillment of a contract.

Owner Dispute Resolution Attorney

The Law Offices of Richard Mucci represents the needs of both owners and contractors when disputes have threatened construction projects. If contacted early enough, he may be able to help you avoid lengthy and costly work stoppages and courtroom battles.

He has experience resolving disputes between owners and contractors involving:

  • Payment issues
  • Delays
  • Building code violations
  • Home improvement contractor violations
  • Warranty claims
  • Contract provision interpretation
  • Change orders
  • Scope of work
  • Construction defects

Richard Mucci understands that as an owner you want to finish the project on time and on budget, and as a contractor you want to complete the job and get paid. This is why he believes litigation is not always the most effective course, especially in disputes between owners and contractors.

Approaches And Strategies For Your Case

Attorney Richard Mucci will review your situation in detail and offer an individualized strategy considering your objectives, and to facilitate the completion of the construction project. This strategy may include pursuing negotiation, mediation or arbitration. If a resolution is not possible, he has the expertise to aggressively represent your interests in court.

Mr. Mucci is an accomplished trial attorney should litigation be necessary. If necessary, he will engage in practices to secure and perfect your rights using mechanic's liens, and motions for a trustee process, real estate attachment and/or Preliminary Injunction. He employs an aggressive approach designed to be efficient and effective in minimizing disruption of the construction project and resolve disputes.

Avoid Costly, Time-Consuming Cases With The Right Strategy For You

Richard Mucci has built a reputation for providing personal attention and dedication to both owners and contractor clients. He will work with you to hold the proper parties responsible for disruptions in construction projects and obtain for you what is fair and what you deserve. It is never too early to avoid costly litigation.

Contact us online or call construction lawyer Richard Mucci at 781-369-9222 if you are engaged in an owner-contractor dispute in Middlesex County or Woburn County. We'll schedule an initial consultation in our Winchester, Massachusetts, office.