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Divorce does not have to follow the traditional path

Even as times have changed, television and movies continue to depict people ending their marriages in courtroom battles. This could make some Massachusetts couples who wish to divorce anxious and believe this will be their fate as well. Fortunately, neither party has to leave the relationship with a last memory of arguing in front of a judge.

What is driving 'gray divorce' across the country?

After decades of marriage, many couples over the age of 50 here in Massachusetts and across the nation are deciding to go their separate ways. What is driving the gray divorce phenomenon gripping the country despite the fact that the divorce rate is actually dropping? Could it be as simple as boredom and incompatibility?

How you feel coming home at the end of the day could mean divorce

Every married couple, whether here in Massachusetts or elsewhere, has their issues. Disagreements will happen. It is how each couple handles them that makes the difference. When an individual dreads going home at the end of the day, then divorce could be the next step.

Divorce is a stressful life-changing event. Don't go it alone

Your life is about to change in ways you cannot easily calculate. When you decided to divorce, you knew that it would be an arduous, stressful and emotional process. You may discuss your impending predicament with friends and loved ones here in Massachusetts, but they cannot go through it for you. Even so, their counsel, along with the counsel of others, can help you find a way through it that provides you with the tools you need in order to move forward confidently.

Basic information can reduce the stress associated with divorce

Without a doubt, this is probably one of the most stressful times you have ever faced in your life. You decided to end your marriage and now face the divorce process. All you know about it may be what you have been told by friends, family or acquaintances, along with what you have seen in the media. More than likely, those stories did not make you feel any better since they focus more on the emotional aspects of the process whether Massachusetts couples end up in court battling over everything or divorce in such a friendly manner that they spend holidays as a family.

Preparing to divide property in a Massachusetts divorce

Even if a Massachusetts couple has children, dividing their property will still be a major concern. Each party will want to begin his or her post-divorce life in the best financial place possible. For this reason, the parties will want to make sure they receive a fair and equitable share of the marital property. The less property each party must purchase after the divorce, the better off the situation may be.

Dogs, divorce and decisions on what happens to the family pet

The family dog is no longer just an animal used for protection or company. Many Massachusetts families view their dogs as members of the family. This makes deciding what happens to them in the event of a divorce a sometimes heart-wrenching choice, especially if a couple relies on the court to make the decisions.

Understanding how the court views your divorce issues

When the time comes to sit down and talk about resolving your marital issues, you may wonder whether you can work out a settlement with your future former spouse or will have to go to court. In order to better understand which option may work best for you, it could help to know what a Massachusetts court will consider when making these decisions for you. If you are on the fence about whether to leave your divorce matters to the court or work together for a resolution, knowing the factors courts consider may help.

Divorce and the new tax law could impact retirement savings

Retirement and financial planning during marriage looks different than it does for newly single Massachusetts residents. After a divorce, many people find themselves facing an uphill battle when it comes to their finances, let alone retirement. It may be possible to mitigate some of the damage a divorce can cause by taking the time to carefully consider the decisions made during the proceedings.

Going through a divorce while living in the same house

Even though the economy has made improvements in recent years, many Massachusetts homeowners continue to struggle with their mortgage loans. For couples who decide to divorce, this may mean not having the monetary resources to have separate living arrangements. Those couples may need to continue living in the same house during the divorce until a resolution can be reached regarding what happens to the marital home.

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