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Hesitating to give mediation a try for your child custody issues?

Divorce affects the whole family. As parents, most Massachusetts residents want to do what they can to make the process less stressful and frightening for their children. For this reason, parents may want to resolve their child custody issues outside of the courtroom, but hesitate because they do not know whether they can do it.

Understanding how the court would decide child custody

When Massachusetts residents decide to divorce, one of their primary concerns is how to coordinate parenting time. These days, many couples choose to work out an agreement on their own, which often makes the situation better for everyone involved. However, they may need to keep in mind how the court would rule on child custody issues in order to make sure that any arrangement they come to will meet with the court's approval.

Does this child custody arrangement work well temporarily?

Some sources say that bird nesting works well for many families, at least on a temporary basis. This child custody arrangement seems to help children adjust to the fact that their parents are divorcing. It could also help Massachusetts parents figure out a more permanent arrangement without having to immediately decide what happens to the marital home.

Child custody issues take a front seat in Chris Pratt's divorce

Massachusetts moviegoers and TV viewers probably noticed that it appears that some celebrity couples who have kids are taking steps to make sure that their divorces do not interfere with their parenting responsibilities. The latest couple to join this movement is Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. The pair actually made specific agreements regarding their son in their child custody agreement.

Giving kids what they need through child custody plans

While it is a good idea for Massachusetts parents to assure their kids that they are not responsible for the end of their parents' marriage, the kids still need more information and assurance than that. This is the prevailing advice, but it also tends to mean that children are told that the impending divorce has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with their parents. Sadly, the divorce does have a lot to do with the children since their lives will change in numerous ways. Parents can help their children successfully survive the divorce through the child custody plans they make.

Understanding what child custody means before negotiations begin

Massachusetts parents who face divorce usually want to shield their children from it as much as possible. The problem is that there is no way to do so completely. What parents can do is negotiate the best child custody agreement possible that helps the children transition into their new lifestyle.

A parenting plan can account for numerous child custody issues

When Massachusetts couples divorce, one of their biggest concerns will more than likely be how to continue parenting. Their relationships are probably not in the best place during this time, and it may be challenging to envision a time when they can get along. A parenting plan may help account for child custody issues that could come up in the future.

A crucial part of child custody: The parenting schedule

During a marriage, dividing parenting time is not an issue. Both parents live in the home and often spend time with the children together. When a Massachusetts couple divorces, the issue of spending time with the children becomes a central part of the proceedings. One part of the child custody agreement that is crucial is the parenting schedule.

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