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Partying and addiction could lead to divorce

When Massachusetts residents meet under certain circumstances, they may not realize it could be a source of trouble for the relationship in the future. For instance, meeting a future spouse at a bar or party may not seem like an issue, and many couples do meet this way, but certain patterns of behavior may not go away or settle down after marriage. If one spouse likes to party and may have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it could lead to divorce.

An antiquated notion continues to play a part in divorce

Even though work may still need to be done, women have made great strides in the workforce in recent decades. More career-minded women become a success, and their income reflects it. Sadly, equal pay is not the only glass ceiling a Massachusetts woman may hit. She may also put her marriage in jeopardy and risk divorce by making more money than her husband makes.

The decision to divorce doesn't happen overnight

Like other couples across the country, those getting married here in Massachusetts never expect the relationship will end. Even couples who enter into prenuptial agreements may not believe that their marriages will end in divorce. More often than not, the decision to divorce is not something that happens overnight. Instead, it happens slowly and may even sneak up on the one who brings up the subject first.

Baggage from before the marriage can lead to divorce

Everyone had a life prior to marriage. During that time, some people, including many here in Massachusetts, went through some form of trauma. It's sometimes referred to as "baggage." After some time, a marriage may not survive the lingering effects of it. The couple involved may find themselves heading for divorce if they can't overcome the challenges presented.

Separate your digital lives during, if not before, a divorce

Most married couples, whether here in Massachusetts or elsewhere, tend not to keep certain information private. One spouse may use the other spouse's computer, tablet or phone without thinking anything of it. Often, passwords are only protected from someone outside the relationship. This is not usually a problem during the marriage, but for individuals facing a divorce, access to this digital information could cause issues.

A divorce can take a while, so ask for temporary orders

Ending a marriage whether here in Massachusetts or elsewhere is a process. Depending on the situation, it could take months to finalize a divorce. Life does not stop during this time, however. Bills still need to be paid, and parents still need to see their children. This is why temporary orders exist since they provide some certainty in a time when life is changing rapidly.

Women tend to initiate divorce more often than men

It may surprise Massachusetts residents to learn that many women are not happy in their marriages. In fact, they initiate divorce proceedings approximately 80 percent of the time. The news that a woman wants to end her marriage often comes as a shock to many of the men involved.

Divorce can affect retirement plans even before age 50

The statistics regarding the number of couples ending their marriages seems to focus on those age 39 and under and those age 50 and above. This does not adequately address those who ages are in between. Massachusetts residents between the ages of 40 and 49 tend to deal with issues from both groups when they divorce. People in this age group wonder about their retirement plans while they also know they may face paying child support.

Divorce does not have to follow the traditional path

Even as times have changed, television and movies continue to depict people ending their marriages in courtroom battles. This could make some Massachusetts couples who wish to divorce anxious and believe this will be their fate as well. Fortunately, neither party has to leave the relationship with a last memory of arguing in front of a judge.

What is driving 'gray divorce' across the country?

After decades of marriage, many couples over the age of 50 here in Massachusetts and across the nation are deciding to go their separate ways. What is driving the gray divorce phenomenon gripping the country despite the fact that the divorce rate is actually dropping? Could it be as simple as boredom and incompatibility?

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