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January 2019 Archives

What is driving 'gray divorce' across the country?

After decades of marriage, many couples over the age of 50 here in Massachusetts and across the nation are deciding to go their separate ways. What is driving the gray divorce phenomenon gripping the country despite the fact that the divorce rate is actually dropping? Could it be as simple as boredom and incompatibility?

Residential construction law protects consumers

Owning a home here in Massachusetts or elsewhere can be rewarding. When that home needs improvements, renovations or repairs, you entrust what may be your largest asset into the hands of a contractor. Even though he or she may seem trustworthy, you should take full advantage of the ways that consumer and construction law protect you.

Mechanic's liens must meet construction law requirements

Subcontractors, whether here in Massachusetts or elsewhere, expect to be paid for the work they do. When that does not happen, one of their legal remedies is to file a mechanic's lien. However, if it does not meet the requirements of current construction law and errors are made, it might not have the desired result.

How you feel coming home at the end of the day could mean divorce

Every married couple, whether here in Massachusetts or elsewhere, has their issues. Disagreements will happen. It is how each couple handles them that makes the difference. When an individual dreads going home at the end of the day, then divorce could be the next step.

Disputes with cable companies over contracts seem to occur yearly

It seems as though every year cable viewers here in Massachusetts and elsewhere could lose the ability to watch cable channels they rely on for news, sports and other entertainment. At the end of 2018, those customers were at risk of losing channels owned by Disney if they use Verizon Fios for access. When contracts come up for renewal, one party may take the opportunity to negotiate a better deal, which should only be done when that party is willing to walk away.

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