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November 2018 Archives

Construction law issues between contractors and subcontractors

In many cases, when it comes to building, demolition and renovation, Massachusetts general contractors and subcontractors appear to have a united front in dealing with owners and developers. Behind the scenes, things may not be quite as tranquil, however. Construction law issues between contractors and subcontractors happen more often than either would like to admit.

Basic information can reduce the stress associated with divorce

Without a doubt, this is probably one of the most stressful times you have ever faced in your life. You decided to end your marriage and now face the divorce process. All you know about it may be what you have been told by friends, family or acquaintances, along with what you have seen in the media. More than likely, those stories did not make you feel any better since they focus more on the emotional aspects of the process whether Massachusetts couples end up in court battling over everything or divorce in such a friendly manner that they spend holidays as a family.

Child custody issues take a front seat in Chris Pratt's divorce

Massachusetts moviegoers and TV viewers probably noticed that it appears that some celebrity couples who have kids are taking steps to make sure that their divorces do not interfere with their parenting responsibilities. The latest couple to join this movement is Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. The pair actually made specific agreements regarding their son in their child custody agreement.

Preparing to divide property in a Massachusetts divorce

Even if a Massachusetts couple has children, dividing their property will still be a major concern. Each party will want to begin his or her post-divorce life in the best financial place possible. For this reason, the parties will want to make sure they receive a fair and equitable share of the marital property. The less property each party must purchase after the divorce, the better off the situation may be.

Making sure customers fulfill their part of business contracts

When entering into an agreement with a client or customer, a Massachusetts business owner expects to be compensated for the goods or services provided. Payment is a big part of business contracts. When those payments don't come, it interferes with the company's bottom line and ability to thrive.

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