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When it comes to contracts, what does it mean to breach one?

Massachusetts business owners tend to form relationships with vendors, suppliers and other businesses that help them thrive. Cementing those relationships often includes the use of contracts. Owners have more than likely heard about "breaches" of contracts, but may not quite understand what that means for them.

Giving kids what they need through child custody plans

While it is a good idea for Massachusetts parents to assure their kids that they are not responsible for the end of their parents' marriage, the kids still need more information and assurance than that. This is the prevailing advice, but it also tends to mean that children are told that the impending divorce has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with their parents. Sadly, the divorce does have a lot to do with the children since their lives will change in numerous ways. Parents can help their children successfully survive the divorce through the child custody plans they make.

How do indemnity claueses fit into construction law?

Every project is different, so every contract often is as well. This includes the indemnity clauses put into construction contracts here in Massachusetts and elsewhere. It may be necessary to look to current construction law to determine what type of indemnity clause may be put into a particular contract.

Disputes over contracts could stop people in their tracks

Business disputes are nothing new. It would more than likely be nearly impossible to find any two people who always get along, whether here in Massachusetts or elsewhere. For this reason, contracts are an integral part of the business world. In addition to outlining the agreement with the parties, they also tend to keep the parties in check since they know what could happen if one of them fails to hold up his or her end of the bargain.

Dogs, divorce and decisions on what happens to the family pet

The family dog is no longer just an animal used for protection or company. Many Massachusetts families view their dogs as members of the family. This makes deciding what happens to them in the event of a divorce a sometimes heart-wrenching choice, especially if a couple relies on the court to make the decisions.

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