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Partying and addiction could lead to divorce

When Massachusetts residents meet under certain circumstances, they may not realize it could be a source of trouble for the relationship in the future. For instance, meeting a future spouse at a bar or party may not seem like an issue, and many couples do meet this way, but certain patterns of behavior may not go away or settle down after marriage. If one spouse likes to party and may have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it could lead to divorce.

While some Massachusetts couples date, they may spend a good deal of time going to parties, drinking and possibly doing drugs. One member of the couple may believe this behavior will stop after the wedding, but that does not always happen. The stress that addiction and partying, often without the other spouse, puts on a marriage can be considerable.

The best remedy for some troubles with contracts is an injunction

Not everyone adheres to the agreements they make with others. When they violate the contracts they enter into, the injured party can seek a variety of legal remedies. In some cases, monetary relief just is not enough to rectify the problem, and the court can order certain other relief such as an injunction.

Just as would be the case elsewhere, when a Massachusetts court issues an injunction, it is ordering one party to cease taking an action that is harming the other party. This nonmonetary relief does not necessarily last indefinitely, but it can. The court has three options when it comes to injunctive relief.

An antiquated notion continues to play a part in divorce

Even though work may still need to be done, women have made great strides in the workforce in recent decades. More career-minded women become a success, and their income reflects it. Sadly, equal pay is not the only glass ceiling a Massachusetts woman may hit. She may also put her marriage in jeopardy and risk divorce by making more money than her husband makes.

Of course, this does not mean that she should give up her career or back down in any way. It is simply a fact that, when a wife makes more money than her husband does, the risk of divorce rises an astonishing 33%. Why does this happen? It happens because of the antiquated notion that men ought to be the primary breadwinners in the marriage.

Money alone may not resolve disputes regarding contracts

Receiving money after another party breached an agreement does not always make things better for a Massachusetts business. The nature of some contracts means that it would be better for the injured party for the breaching party to fulfill his or her part of the agreement. For this reason, the law allows a court to order that person or entity to do just that.

The legal remedy is called "specific performance." The court orders the defendant in the case to fulfill the obligations outlined in the contract since it is the only way to rectify the problem. This remedy is most often used when money or some other remedy will not make things right for the plaintiff due to the specific subject matter of the contract.

Hesitating to give mediation a try for your child custody issues?

Divorce affects the whole family. As parents, most Massachusetts residents want to do what they can to make the process less stressful and frightening for their children. For this reason, parents may want to resolve their child custody issues outside of the courtroom, but hesitate because they do not know whether they can do it.

Fortunately, as long as the parties are willing and able to put aside their marital issues and work together, it can be done. One of the biggest draws of mediation is the fact that the parties involved retain control over the outcome. They can create a child custody agreement and parenting plan that works best for their family.

The decision to divorce doesn't happen overnight

Like other couples across the country, those getting married here in Massachusetts never expect the relationship will end. Even couples who enter into prenuptial agreements may not believe that their marriages will end in divorce. More often than not, the decision to divorce is not something that happens overnight. Instead, it happens slowly and may even sneak up on the one who brings up the subject first.

In the beginning of a marriage, the parties typically care deeply for each other. They take an interest in even the most mundane activities of the other and show concern when things do not go the way the other party anticipates. Over time, something changes, and one or both parties may begin to feel more apathetic toward the other. As time goes on, the intimacy between the partners fades or goes away completely.

The importance of online reviews in hiring a construction company

When Massachusetts residents decide to buy a new car, the often get on the internet and do some research. They read online reviews, check out different dealerships and more, so why not do the same when hiring a construction company? Whether one is needed for a residential or commercial property, online reviews can provide a multitude of information from people who used certain construction companies in the past.

While the positive reviews are helpful, they should not be the only stop. Negative reviews can provide information that is even more valuable. They help discover a company's weaknesses and areas where it fails to meet expectations. Of course, as is the case with positive reviews, negative ones also need to be taken with a grain of salt. A particular person's bad experience could involve other factors not relevant to your situation.

Baggage from before the marriage can lead to divorce

Everyone had a life prior to marriage. During that time, some people, including many here in Massachusetts, went through some form of trauma. It's sometimes referred to as "baggage." After some time, a marriage may not survive the lingering effects of it. The couple involved may find themselves heading for divorce if they can't overcome the challenges presented.

When a trauma occurs, certain behaviors or actions couldĀ trigger the victim to relive it. For example, ending a prior relationship due to infidelity could leave scars that a new partner ends up having to deal with, possibly without realizing it at first. The party who was cheated on previously may have trust issues even if the other party does nothing wrong.

Understanding how the court would decide child custody

When Massachusetts residents decide to divorce, one of their primary concerns is how to coordinate parenting time. These days, many couples choose to work out an agreement on their own, which often makes the situation better for everyone involved. However, they may need to keep in mind how the court would rule on child custody issues in order to make sure that any arrangement they come to will meet with the court's approval.

As would happen in other states, Massachusetts judges consider numerous factors in child custody cases. The primary factor is what would serve the best interests of the children. This involves looking at each child's relationship with each parent and extended family members, whether either parent has a history of alcohol or drug abuse, and which parent served as the primary caregiver during the marriage.

Separate your digital lives during, if not before, a divorce

Most married couples, whether here in Massachusetts or elsewhere, tend not to keep certain information private. One spouse may use the other spouse's computer, tablet or phone without thinking anything of it. Often, passwords are only protected from someone outside the relationship. This is not usually a problem during the marriage, but for individuals facing a divorce, access to this digital information could cause issues.

As soon as an individual decides to divorce, or his or her spouse announces the intention to do so, all passwords should be changed. Not only will this keep the party's information private, but it will also keep one party from spying on the other, removing information and more. Even if the parties have separate social media accounts, the passwords on those should change as well. Any shared social media accounts can be closed and deleted, or one party can take them over while the other creates new ones.

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