Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Attorney Mucci has established a reputation as a savvy and effective landlord/tenant dispute attorney. He is experienced in representing both landlords and tenants in these situations. As a result, Attorney Mucci has developed keen insight into both sides of a landlord and tenant dispute, which gives him perspective and assists him in devising a unique and individualized strategy for every matter.

Experienced Massachusetts Landlord/Tenant Attorney

Landlord/tenant disagreements can be complicated. Finding common ground often requires an experienced attorney to mediate and build relationships among all parties to the dispute. Attorney Mucci has the experience, skill and negotiation abilities to uncover a resolution to either ease the fulfillment of a lease, or execute an agreement to terminate the lease and tenancy at reduced risk and costs. If contacted early enough, Attorney Mucci will be able to help you avoid a lengthy and costly court battle.

While Attorney Mucci has the expertise to aggressively represent your interests in court and in Summary Process proceedings, he understands that litigation is not always the most effective and efficient route, especially in disputes between landlords and tenants. Attorney Mucci will review your situation in detail and offer candid advice about whether pursuing negotiation or mediation may be a better option given your circumstances, your objectives and to facilitate fulfillment of the lease.

If eviction is necessary, or if you are facing eviction, Attorney Mucci has the knowledge of the intricate Summary Process rules and procedures and is an accomplished trial attorney. It is important that the Summary Process procedures are precisely followed. Evicting a tenant is a difficult process in Massachusetts, and a landlord must rigorously proceed through the process step by step even if a tenant is not paying rent. By retaining Attorney Mucci, you will learn your options and rights, and you will have an experienced landlord/tenant attorney to guide you through this arduous process.

Additionally, Attorney Mucci can assist you with questions or disputes surrounding security deposits. Massachusetts has strict laws governing security deposits. Landlords must maintain specific documentation and provide tenants detailed accounting of any application of a security deposit while adhering to very specific time standards. The penalties for failure to comply with the security deposit laws are severe, and a tenant is entitled to three times the deposit amount and attorney's fees for a landlord's mistake. If you have questions regarding security deposits, don't delay in contacting Attorney Mucci today.

Attorney Mucci is also available to review and draft leases. A properly written and executed lease is the key to a successful tenancy. A written lease memorializes the expectations, responsibilities and obligations of both tenant and landlord. If a dispute arises, the written lease will define what constitutes a breach rather than having to recount the conversations regarding the tenancy agreement supported by witnesses. Without a written document, the legal complexity and costs escalate exponentially when there is a disagreement.

If you are a landlord or tenant and have questions or concerns about a lease, rent, security deposit, tenancy or dispute, immediately contact real estate lawyer Richard Mucci or call 781-369-9222. We'll schedule an initial consultation in our Winchester, Massachusetts, office.