Solving Property Disputes

Real estate disputes involving claims of adverse possession or right-of-way disputes are serious legal issues, since they may impair your use and ownership of property. These disputes are often complex, litigious matters where, as issues emerge, the timely engagement of an experienced real estate litigation attorney will improve your chances for a successful outcome.

Attorney Richard Mucci, a knowledgeable and skilled property lawyer, will work tirelessly for you to achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

What Is Adverse Possession?

Landowners typically procure rights in property through conveyances of deeds, but additional rights may be created or taken by claims of adverse possession or prescriptive easements. An individual can acquire ownership in property or a piece of property of another by asserting a claim for adverse possession or a prescriptive easement.

In order to prove a claim for adverse possession, a person must prove that he or she (or his predecessor) has used the property:

  • Continuously and exclusively for 20 years
  • Openly and notoriously
  • Without permission from the property owner
  • In a way adverse to someone else's property rights

Similarly, a person can prove a claim for a prescriptive easement without the need to show that the use was exclusive. In both cases, a person looking to perfect their right of ownership or defend their rights must seek a declaration from a court.

Richard Mucci is an accomplished trial attorney who can effectively lead you through the process of asserting a claim for interest in property, or alternatively, defend you against an infringement on your property rights.

Skilled Legal Counsel To Protect Your Property Rights

If access rights or if a dispute regarding a right-of-way emerges, you need an efficient and effective resolution. Richard Mucci has the skills and knowledge to negotiate or, if necessary, litigate a fair and enduring resolution.

He is experienced in fighting for the rights of landowners when issues arise with abutting landowners or outside parties regarding access and easements. He understands the complexities of these real estate disputes and will work diligently to achieve a successful outcome.

You Have Rights To Your Property

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