Wage And Hour Claims

Every employee has a right to get paid for the work they perform. But what do you do if your check is not for the right amount? What if you never receive the check? What if you are an employer who is accused of not paying overtime or the proper wages to your employees? Wage and hour claims can be perplexing. Attorney Mucci is a knowledgeable wage and hour lawyer who has substantial experience in pursuing justice for both employees and employers.

A successful wage and hour claim by an employee can result in an award of significant damages. Employees who win may be entitled to an award of back pay, attorney's fees, costs and triple damages.

Federal and state law protects employees against unethical, unlawful and dishonest business practices by employers. Some of the unscrupulous practices used by employers include:

  • Not paying final wages to a laid-off or terminated employee
  • Requiring employees to work extra hours
  • Failing to pay employees for overtime work
  • Misclassifying employees so that they are exempt from overtime
  • Misclassifying employees as "tipping" employees to avoid meeting minimum wage requirements

Experienced Wage And Hour Dispute Attorney

Attorney Mucci has the experience to help employees get what they deserve and also defend employers from frivolous wage and hour claims. Attorney Mucci's insight into both sides of wage and hour claims gives him perspective and assists him in devising a distinct and customized strategy in every case. He will comprehensively investigate and construct a case designed to maximize an employee's recovery or successfully defend an employer.

If settlement is unattainable, Attorney Mucci is an accomplished litigator with experience representing both employers and employees at trial. He is committed to obtain justice and will go to trial if necessary to see that justice is achieved.

Contact us online or call employment lawyer Richard Mucci at 781-369-9222 if you believe your rights are being violated or need legal representation for your wage and hour claim or defense. We'll schedule an initial consultation in our Winchester, Massachusetts, office.