Legal Assistance When You Are Facing Noncompete, Nonsolicitation Or Nondisclosure Agreements

Companies use noncompete, nonsolicitation and nondisclosure agreements to protect their business practices, confidential information and interests when an employee separates from the company. Attorney Richard Mucci is experienced in drafting, evaluating and negotiating these agreements. He also represents individuals and businesses in disputes relating to violations.

A noncompete and nondisclosure agreement must be narrowly tailored with reasonable time and geographical limitations to protect trade secrets. These agreements cannot be a restriction on general competition. Enforcement of these agreements is very fact-specific.

We Can Evaluate And Draft A Noncompete

Exiting employees often face constraints that are too broad and unnecessary. Engage Richard Mucci to evaluate your agreement and determine whether it is enforceable. He can help you understand the limitations of your agreement, including time and geographical restrictions, and he can then offer you assistance in negotiating more favorable terms, if appropriate.

If you are a company looking to develop an agreement, retain attorney Richard Mucci to draft a unique and specific agreement designed to protect the particulars of your business in accordance with current Massachusetts' law. If you are a business already using an agreement, he can assess whether a court would likely enforce the terms of the agreement if challenged, and offer you advice on amending the terms to make them more likely to be enforceable.

Enforce Or Challenge Noncompete, Nonsolicitation And Nondisclosure Agreements

Richard Mucci is an experienced trial lawyer who assists companies in enforcing these agreements. From the other side, he can also defend former employees in disputes where companies attempt to enforce protections that are not appropriate.

He has the expertise to represent you in court, but understands that a lengthy and costly courtroom battle is not always in your best interest. Every case is different, and he will review your matter and compose an individualized legal strategy that may include negotiation, mediation or arbitration, depending on your circumstances and objectives.

These Agreements Can Cost You Your Livelihood | We Can Protect You

Contact us online or call 781-369-9222 if you have questions about your noncompete, nonsolicitation or nondisclosure agreement, or if you are already engaged in a dispute regarding alleged violations. We'll schedule an initial consultation in our Winchester, Massachusetts, office.

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