Employers facing accusations of discrimination need immediate effective and efficient legal representation. Employees victimized by an employer's discrimination in the workplace often are frustrated, confused and want justice.

Attorney Mucci understands discrimination and its legal ramifications. His broad experience in representing and advising both sides — employers and employees — has equipped him with a unique perspective. Additionally, these types of cases can have a significant impact on all parties. Employees need guidance, and employers need a rapid defense. Attorney Mucci's insight and knowledge enable him to astutely devise a unique and individualized strategy for each situation.

Workplace Discrimination Investigator And Litigator

Discrimination based on race, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, being transgender or on pregnancy is unlawful, and there are significant remedies available for an individual who is discriminated against. Attorney Mucci understands this and is committed to investigating and addressing employee concerns about treatment in the workplace.

Any discrimination claim or defense starts with a comprehensive investigation and case evaluation. Relying on his past experience as an assistant district attorney and his investigative background, Attorney Mucci has the expertise to conduct a thorough investigation and case evaluation.

If the investigation and evaluation evidence discrimination, Attorney Mucci has the experience to pursue or defend claims of workplace discrimination. Every claim of discrimination starts with a filing at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD). MCAD is an administrative state commission with its own set of regulations and procedures. A discrimination case commences at MCAD when the Complainant files a charge outlining the discrimination. Customarily, the charge must be filed with MCAD within three hundred (300) days of the discrimination unless it's a continuing act. The Respondent then has twenty-one (21) days to file a response. The Complainant has the right to rebut the response. MCAD will hold an investigative conference before issuing a finding. If MCAD finds probable cause, then the matter moves to a public hearing. After the public hearing, MCAD has the power to award damages to the Complainant. Attorney Mucci has experience litigating at MCAD, as he has represented both employers and employees at MCAD in pursuit and defense of claims of discrimination, a hostile work environment and retaliation.

Experienced Employment Discrimination Attorney

Attorney Mucci favors alternative dispute resolution to address claims of discrimination rather than lengthy and costly court battles. Even before a claim is filed at MCAD, Attorney Mucci aggressively works to resolve the claim. Often a well-drafted demand or position statement furthers resolution in a timely manner. If resolution is unattainable, Attorney Mucci is an accomplished litigator with experience representing employers and employees at MCAD proceedings and at trial.

Attorney Mucci is committed to obtaining what a wronged employee rightfully deserves. He is equally dedicated to defending employers against frivolous or unsubstantiated claims of discrimination. Attorney Mucci will be your strong ally and fearless in his pursuit of justice, and he will proactively pursue litigation, if necessary, to see that justice is achieved.

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