Comprehensive Employment Law Services For Employers And Employees

Workplace disputes can cripple employers and can cause undue hardship to employees. Attorney Richard Mucci understands how employment disputes can be protracted and detrimental to both businesses and the individual employees. He can help employers and employees through these uncertain times and to achieve their goals.

The Law Offices of Richard Mucci represents both employers and employees in workplace disputes. He has a proven track record of resolving employment disputes quickly and cost-effectively. He strives to achieve a positive and efficient resolution while respecting the client's financial realities.

He has an impressive record in various employment-related cases, including:

  • Initiating and defending employee claims of workplace discrimination
  • Retaliation filed with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • Initiating and defending employee claims of workplace sexual harassment
  • Initiating and defending employee claims of wage and hour and/or prevailing wage violations
  • Enforcing and defending employee contracts and agreements
  • Enforcing and defending non solicitation and noncompete agreements
  • Enforcing discipline and termination procedures
  • Enforcing employee's rights to benefits
  • Answering and defending employment-related investigations by state agencies
  • Defending and appealing determinations of liability of Fair Share employer contribution
  • Working with determinations issued by the Department of Workforce Development
  • Legal issues involving the Division of Unemployment Assistance

We Work With Employers And Employees — We Understand The Other Side's Defense

Richard Mucci understands that an employer needs certain rules and procedures for employees in order to operate effectively and efficiently. At times, employers need to enforce and defend these guidelines and procedures.

He also understands that employees expect appropriate compensation and to enjoy equality and safety in the workplace. At times, employers infringe on these rights of employees, necessitating legal action.

Cost-Saving Techniques For Your Case

Often these cases can be resolved before a costly and time-consuming trial. Many employment disputes can be resolved quickly saving the employer and the employee considerable time, stress and costs.

However, if a case requires litigation, Richard Mucci's clients have confidence in his experience litigating before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, Department of Unemployment Assistance and various state courts.

Mr. Mucci has experience effectively initiating and defending claims of wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, unemployment benefits, violations of noncompetes, violations of non solicitations, and wage and hour violations.

An Experienced Employment Law Attorney Can Get Justice

Richard Mucci is also experienced and knowledgeable in drafting and reviewing various employer and employee agreements and contracts. He is skilled in helping his clients enter into properly structured employment agreements, including compensation, severance, noncompete and non solicitation features.

Help When You Separate From An Employer

Richard Mucci also assists clients as they separate from employers. Often a separation from an employer is awkward and emotional. He has experience assisting both employers and employees in firings, layoffs and voluntary separations.

It is helpful for clients to contact attorney Richard Mucci prior to the separation to assure that the client understands the process and their rights and obligations. He has experience in drafting and reviewing severance agreements, releases and termination letters.

He can assist employers and employees during the time of separation either through a visible or concealed engagement. He will analyze the facts of each client's separation to determine the best course of involvement.

As an employment litigator, Mr. Mucci understands the pitfalls for not following the proper procedures and infringing on an employee's rights during a separation. Therefore, he is knowledgeable in advising both employers and employees of the consequences of litigation and potential outcomes.

We Will Make Sure You Understand All Your Options

Contact us online or call Middlesex County and Woburn County lawyer Richard Mucci at 781-369-9222 to discuss your employment law matter. We'll schedule an initial consultation in our Winchester, Massachusetts, office.