Divorce is often difficult and emotional. Divorce lawyer Richard Mucci understands these factors, and he recognizes that each client has different needs and priorities. He is committed to satisfying a client's needs and achieving a fair outcome while being sensitive to his client's emotional distress. To accomplish these objectives, Attorney Mucci will ensure that he carefully listens to your thoughts and feelings, and he will then expertly advise you on the best legal strategy tailored to your individual desires and concerns.

Divorce involves the division of marital assets, child custody, child support, visitation, and alimony. In determining child support and alimony, courts are directed by guidelines. Attorney Mucci will work with you and explain to you your rights and obligations pursuant to these guidelines. Courts will consider a multitude of factors in dividing marital assets including length of the marriage, conduct of the parties during the marriage, the occupation of the parties, the amount of income of the parties, the employability of the parties, expectancy to inherit of the parties, the needs of each of the parties, the opportunity of each of the parties for future acquisition of capital assets and income, the contribution of each of the parties as a homemaker to the family unit, and present and future needs of the minor children. Courts will consider the best interests of the children in determining child custody and visitation. Customarily, it is in a child's best interest to have both parents actively involved in his or her life. However, circumstances may arise when this is not in the best interest for the child. No client's divorce is the same so Attorney Mucci will personalize a strategy in consultation with you to pursue a fair and reasonable agreement or judgment.

Temporary orders are often necessary after parties separate, but before a final judgment is entered by trial or settlement. Attorney Mucci is an accomplished litigator with the necessary experience to represent individuals in the probate and family courts to obtain temporary orders of child support, alimony and custody. Additionally, Attorney Mucci has the negotiating skills to resolve cases prior to trial, but the litigation experience to represent clients in contested matters.

If you are already divorced, often it is necessary to file for modification or contempt actions when conditions change or one violates a Court Order. These conditions include changes to income levels, layoffs, retirement, medical conditions, and issues arising from visitations. Attorney Mucci can offer clients advice on their rights to seek a modification or enforce a Court Order.

Attorney Mucci has the experience, knowledge, and sensitivity to advise and represent you and your legal interests effectively while easing your emotional burden.

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