All Motor Vehicle Crimes Carry Serious Penalties — We Can Help

Being charged with a motor vehicle offense may be confusing and perplexing, as some offenses are civil in nature while others are more serious criminal matters. Sometimes a police officer's subjective opinion can make the difference between facing a civil infraction versus a criminal charge.

If you are charged with driving with a suspended license, negligent operation, driving to endanger or leaving the scene of property damage, you may be subject to fines, probation or, in certain circumstances, jail time. In addition, your automobile insurance premiums and criminal record will be impacted even though the incident may be minor in nature.

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Strong Defense For Motor Vehicle Crimes

If contacted early, Richard Mucci may be able to resolve motor vehicle offenses such as the ones below in a manner to preserve your criminal record and without excessive penalties.

Unlicensed Operation Of A Motor Vehicle

If you forget to renew your driver's license or cannot renew your driver's license due to unpaid fines such as parking tickets, and your driver's license expires, then you may be charged with the unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. These charges are usually resolved by paying a fine, but repeated violations can result in your right to operate a motor vehicle being suspended.

Operating With A Suspended License (OAS)

Your right to operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts can be suspended for several reasons, including traffic violations, criminal convictions (e.g., DUIs and drug charges) and the failure to pay child support.

Sometimes, your right to have a driver's license may be suspended and you may not even know it, especially if the Registry of Motor Vehicles does not have your current address on file. A charge of operating with a suspended license can be serious and result in significant fines, furthering license suspension and, in repeat cases, jail time.

One element a prosecutor must prove is that you received notice that your right to operate was suspended. Sometimes, depending on the facts, Richard Mucci can negotiate a resolution by an agreement with a prosecutor that may relieve a client of excessive penalties.

Negligent Operation Or Operating To Endanger

Occasionally, police may suspect an individual's operation of a motor vehicle rises past the level of a civil infraction, such as speeding or failure to stop, and goes beyond the care that a reasonable person would use in operating a motor vehicle.

In these cases, the police can charge a person with negligent operation or operating to endanger. These are serious charges as any conviction results in a license suspension, possible fines and possible jail time. Each case has a unique fact pattern, and the manner in which the prosecutor pursues the case depends on circumstances such as the nature of the operation, whether there was an accident, and whether there were injuries and the nature of those injuries.

You should contact criminal defense lawyer Richard Mucci immediately if you have been charged with negligent operation or operating to endanger to evaluate your case and discuss your options.

Leaving The Scene Of Property Damage

Police can charge an individual with leaving the scene of property damage when they suspect a person has caused property damage and left the scene without exchanging information with the property owner or other parties involved in the accident. If the damages are over $250 you can be charged with a felony, and therefore, these charges should be taken seriously.

Police often rely on reports from a license plate check and will charge the owner of the motor vehicle as the driver, which may not be proper. Contact Richard Mucci as soon as possible if charged or if you are being investigated for leaving the scene of property damage.

Motor Vehicle Homicide

Motor vehicle homicide is one of the most serious motor vehicle crimes and is only charged when death results from the suspected operation of a motor vehicle. Often, these investigations are lengthy, emotional and involve accident reconstruction. An individual may be charged with motor vehicle homicide even if accused of simple negligent operation and death occurs.

The penalties can be severe, including a 15-year license loss and possible jail time. You should not delay in seeking the help that you need. Contact Richard Mucci immediately if you are being investigated or if you are charged with motor vehicle homicide to ensure your rights are protected in each phase of the case.

Take Action To Defend Your Rights And Mitigate Penalties

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