Do Not Let Police Infringe On Your Rights During Drunk Driving Arrests

If you have been arrested for drunk driving you have rights. A charge of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is a serious matter with potentially serious penalties. DUI penalties regularly include an immediate loss of license, fines, outpatient or inpatient treatment programs and, in repeated DUI cases, jail time.

An individual charged with DUI may feel stressed, embarrassed and scared. Attorney Richard Mucci, a knowledgeable and experienced DUI attorney, can assist you through every step of the often perplexing criminal process. He will work tirelessly for you to achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

Former Assistant District Attorney Turned DUI Defense Attorney Ready To Defend You

As a former assistant district attorney, Richard Mucci prosecuted a countless number of individuals charged with DUI. He understands the tests and procedures law enforcement uses to investigate DUIs. He is skilled at analyzing a DUI police report and separating out the typical jargon from the facts that may materially decide an individual's innocence or guilt in the minds of a jury. This allows him to give clients a candid evaluation of their case that allows clients to make informed decisions whether to resolve their charge prior to trial or proceed to a trial.

Field Testing And Breathalyzer Tests For DUIs Are Not Always Legit

Often, DUI police reports in Middlesex County and Woburn County look and read the same. Virtually, every person stopped for suspicion of DUI has bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, and smells of alcohol. Police officers customarily request individuals to perform subjective balancing tests in tough surroundings (e.g., late at night, on the side of road, in darkness and in inclement weather). Police officers use these field sobriety tests to evaluate an individual's sobriety and decide whether to make an arrest.

As an assistant district attorney, Richard Mucci was trained on police DUI detection procedures, including the use of a Breathalyzer. He understands each test and the effects it may have in the minds of a jury. He also knows the weaknesses of these sobriety tests and can tell when police officers make mistakes or do not fairly administer or judge these tests. Using this specialized knowledge, he can educate his clients and build a defense that a judge or jury can understand.

We Know How To Create A Strong Defense For Your Case

If you are charged with a subsequent DUI offense, Richard Mucci has the knowledge and experience to review your criminal history and evaluate whether the matter is truly a subsequent offense. He may employ a variety of strategies in defense of a subsequent offense, including challenging prior convictions.

A third-offense DUI is a felony in Massachusetts, with a minimum mandatory jail sentence, and a second offense requires an individual to attend a 14-day inpatient rehabilitation program; therefore, with your liberty at stake, it is important to have an attorney like Richard Mucci fighting for you.

There Is Hope After A Drunk Driving Arrest | Call Today

Simply because you are charged with DUI and a police officer accuses you of drunk driving does not mean your case is hopeless. By retaining Richard Mucci, an experienced DUI attorney, you will learn you have options, rights and defenses.

Don't delay. If you have been charged with DUI, contact the Law Offices of Richard Mucci online. You can also call us at 781-369-9222 today for a free consultation in our Winchester, Massachusetts, office. The earlier you contact Mr. Mucci — a dedicated, skilled and experienced DUI defense lawyer — the better your chances are for a successful outcome.