Mechanic's Liens Can Ensure You Get The Money You Are Owed

Secure your rights against businesses that owe you money for labor and materials provided by you on construction projects. Attorney Richard Mucci understands that often a mechanic's lien may be the only chance a contractor has to receive payment for the work and materials provided. He has a reputation of working vigorously to protect clients' interests.

Various contractors on a private construction project have the right to place a lien on the property in order to secure their right to get paid. A mechanic's lien is an encumbrance on real estate to secure payment for services provided. This type of lien is an impediment that prevents the property owner from selling property before paying in full the contractors who performed work to improve the property.

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Massachusetts' law requires a contractor to have a written contract or a series of documents evidencing a written contract to be eligible to file a mechanic's lien. It is helpful to have an experienced construction attorney like Richard Mucci assist you in filing and enforcing your lien as the legal statute has very strict deadlines and recording requirements.

For example, the first step is recording a notice of contract at the registry of deeds where the property is located by the earliest of the following dates:

  • 60 days after recording a notice of completion
  • 90 days after recording of a notice of termination
  • 90 days after the contractor, subcontractor or supplier last performed labor or provided materials

After filing a notice of contract, the contractor must record a statement of account and then file a civil action to enforce its rights within a specific time period.

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If you are a contractor in Middlesex County and Woburn County and you are owed money for work or materials you provided to a construction project, contact construction lawyer Richard Mucci online or call us at 781-369-9222, and learn how to enforce your payment rights with a construction lien. We'll schedule an initial consultation in our Winchester, Massachusetts, office.