Building Code Violation Disputes

What do property owners who build or remodel a home do when they discover that the contractor they hired did not construct or repair the home in accordance with the Massachusetts Building Code, resulting in unexpected, expensive and time-consuming repairs and additional work? Property owners may find themselves asking: Who will pay for these repairs? Who is responsible? Is there a warranty involved? Will insurance cover the cost of repairs? What are my legal rights? If you are a property owner asking these questions, contact Attorney Mucci, an experienced Building Code violations attorney, and let him evaluate your claims.

In 2010, the Eighth Edition of the Massachusetts Building Code went into effect. This edition made significant changes to earlier versions of the state Building Code. Some contractors have failed to adequately educate themselves on the new provisions or choose not to follow the rigorous guidelines in the updated code. As a result, homes and condominiums are sometimes constructed not in compliance with code specifications, and property owners have to spend more money and time to remedy violations when physical damage manifests itself.
Regularly, contractors attempt to perform work they are not trained or licensed to complete, leading to Building Code deficiencies. Often, the deficiencies go undetected even after inspections by towns and cities. Attorney Mucci has experience settling and litigating these exact situations, and hope is not lost, simply because a town or city inspector signed off on the deficient work.

Massachusetts' law states that any violation of the Building Code may constitute a violation of the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act if the contractor acted in an unfair and deceptive manner. Therefore, aggrieved property owners may be entitled to triple the amount of damages and attorney's fees. Given these high stakes, if you are a property owner or contractor engaged in a dispute over Building Code violations, contact Attorney Mucci today to protect your rights and minimize your losses.

Attorney Mucci understands the Massachusetts Building Code requirements and the remedies available to property owners. He will provide you with personalized attention and learn the facts of your case. He will candidly advise you about your legal options and the likelihood of recovery. Often non-litigation strategies such as negotiation, mediation or arbitration provide effective quick resolutions. However, if necessary Attorney Mucci is an accomplished trial attorney who can aggressively litigate your matter. He has developed a network of Building code experts including architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers and former Code officials to assist him to investigate, litigate and defend matters involving Building Code violations.

It is never too early to contact Attorney Mucci with questions about Building Code violations, even when the contractor you hired is still working on the job. Contact Attorney Mucci today if you are a property owner with concerns about building code violations and are seeking recourse.

If you are a contractor unjustly accused of code violations or exposed to legal damages from a disgruntled property owner, you should contact construction lawyer Richard Mucci online or call us at 781-369-9222 as soon as possible to defend you and your business from financial damages. We'll schedule an initial consultation in our Winchester, Massachusetts, office.