Bond Claims May Be The Right Answer To Ensure You Get Paid

Most Massachusetts public works projects, including government projects, require awarded contractors to provide bonds to guarantee that the job is completed to specifications. Secure your rights against businesses that owe you money for labor and materials provided by you on public construction projects by filing a claim against the bond.

Attorney Richard Mucci understands that often a bond claim may be the only chance a contractor has to receive payment for the work and materials provided. He is a diligent and determined construction attorney who strives to protect clients' interests.

Who Can File A Bond Claim?

Various contractors and suppliers on public construction projects have the right to file a claim against a payment bond if payment is not forthcoming from the general contractor. A payment bond acts as an insurance policy to ensure that these contractors and suppliers are paid for work performed on a public construction project.

If the general contractor defaults or fails to complete a project, the surety bond company will step in and compensate contractors and suppliers for labor and materials previously provided, and also pay the costs needed to complete the job.

Payment Bond Attorney

Massachusetts and federal laws regarding bonds on public projects have strict procedural requirements and deadlines; therefore, it is helpful to have an experienced construction attorney, like Richard Mucci assist you in your bond claim. He has the knowledge and skill needed to resolve surety bond disputes arising during or after completion of a public construction project.

If litigation is necessary, Richard Mucci's knowledge of the federal Miller Act and the Massachusetts public works bond statute, paired with his vast experience as a trial lawyer, make him an ideal legal advocate to enforce your rights.

Work With An Experienced Bond Claim Attorney From The Start

If you are a contractor in Middlesex County and Woburn County and you are owed money for work or materials you provided on a public works construction project, contact the Law Offices of Richard Mucci online or call us at 781-369-9222, and enforce your payment rights with a bond claim.

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