We Can Help With The Audit Process During Fair Share Assessments

An audit notice by the Fair Share Contribution Unit of the Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) should not be ignored. Many businesses that have decided to provide medical coverage in response to the Massachusetts health care reform Fair Share law are having their coverages and contribution practices audited by DUA.

Audits Are Long Processes. We Can Offer Legal Assistance.

An auditor's assessment may lead to the demand of substantial back payments of fair share contributions, plus interest and penalties. An audit is tiresome and involves endless hours of preparation and dedicated resources with no guaranteed outcome.

After a Fair Share assessment by DUA, businesses have two options: pay the assessment or appeal. Attorney Richard Mucci has the experience to guide your Middlesex County and Woburn County business through the audit process and appeal.

Help For Your Fair Share Contribution Appeal

Appealing a DUA auditor's assessment may also prove valuable. DUA will indicate on the determination of liability the reasons for the finding of liability and indicate any amounts owed. Richard Mucci is a seasoned litigator who understands the Fair Share laws, standards and the appellate process. He is capable of providing you with an honest assessment of your legal and administrative options, and he also has the expertise to build a case for appeal.

What To Expect During Your Appeal And Case

Richard Mucci understands that preparation is the key to a successful appeal. He has established a network of accountants who can assist in the preparation of your case and be available to testify at your hearing. A business proves its case in front of a hearing examiner by introducing documents and eyewitness testimony supporting its position and refuting DUA's documents and witnesses.

Mr. Mucci is an experienced business litigation lawyer who focuses preparation on satisfying the Fair Share contribution primary and secondary tests. Using the determination of liability as an outline, he has the skills and determination needed to compile supporting documents, identify and prepare witnesses for a hearing, and effectively present the case on your behalf.

With Effective And Efficient Preparation Your Businesses Can Survive All Phases Of A DUA Audit And Appeal.

Contact the Law Offices of Richard Mucci online today or call 781-369-9222 with your fair share contribution audit and appeal questions. We'll schedule an initial consultation in our Winchester, Massachusetts, office.