Contract Disputes

Attorney Mucci has extensive experience litigating contract matters. Many disputes arise over the written terms of a contract or a party's failure to perform as required (e.g., nonpayment of monies owed). Attorney Mucci provides passionate and committed representation in a variety of contract disputes including breach of contract matters and disputes relating to the terms of a contract. Attorney Mucci has experience representing individuals and businesses of varying sizes and industries in contract disputes. He delivers exceptional results with cost-efficient representation.

Contract disputes in Massachusetts are controlled by a six-year statute of limitations. Beyond the terms of any written or oral contract is an implied covenant that each party will act fairly and in good faith. Oftentimes, a breach of this covenant of good faith and fair dealings forms the basis of a cause of action in addition to a simple breach. The statute of frauds requires that contracts be in writing that cannot be performed in one year, for the sale of land and to answer for the debt, default or misdoings of another. Any action to enforce such obligations based in contract where such agreements are not in writing are barred by law.

Breach Of Contract Attorney

Attorney Mucci understands the frustration and disappointment when one fails to act in accordance with the terms of an oral agreement or written contract. Clients often must remedy the breach of contract effectively and efficiently. Attorney Mucci will listen and devise an effective legal strategy designed to remedy the breach and mitigate damages swiftly. Depending on your specific case, Attorney Mucci's strategy may include sending a demand letter, initiating litigation or negotiation, including mediation. Often, if litigation is necessary, Attorney Mucci will file motions for prejudgment relief along with a civil complaint such as Motions for Trustee Process, Real Estate Attachment, Temporary Restraining Order or Preliminary Injunction. Employing such an aggressive litigation strategy often leads to quicker resolutions of matters and provides clients with avenues to collect on judgments after trial.

Disputes Relating To The Terms Of A Contract

Occasionally, parties interpret terms of a written contract or oral agreement quite differently. Conflicting interpretations may erupt into a serious contract dispute. When this happens, you will want to obtain an advantage by contacting Attorney Mucci early in the process. As an experienced contract litigation attorney, he will quickly assess all the options and move swiftly to protect your interests. Attorney Mucci will provide you with honest and frank advice about your position and your legal options. When another party is demanding that you accept their contract interpretation, you will need to turn to someone you can trust to offer you the best advice and counsel. Attorney Mucci is that contract lawyer. After assessing the facts, Attorney Mucci will devise an individualized strategy intended to remedy the discrepancy in the interpretation of the contract terms and/or provide you legal relief to withstand the other party's incorrect interpretation. If litigation is necessary, Attorney Mucci has the experience and will work tirelessly to protect and enforce your rights through trial, negotiation, mediation or arbitration.

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