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Savvy clients no longer want different firms to piece-meal their legal matters. Fluctuating markets and uncertain times demand a more feasible alternative to divided representation. Ahead of the curve, the Law Offices of Richard Mucci provides a one-stop shop to residents of Boston and the surrounding areas. Founder Richard Mucci is a seasoned Middlesex County business litigation lawyer who understands all facets of civil litigation and criminal defense. Knowing that clients, like patients, rarely have just one issue, Attorney Mucci is able to move seamlessly among diverse practice areas, from business litigation and employment law to construction cases, real estate law and personal injury cases. Having extensive experience in contract disputes, Attorney Mucci has prevailed before judges and juries. As a former court supervisor and Assistant District Attorney in Middlesex County, he is also skilled in criminal defense.

Boston-Qualified Attorney Representing Boston Suburbs

The Law Offices of Richard Mucci has successfully handled diverse matters for loyal clientele. Understanding the importance of personal service, Attorney Mucci has the skill and experience of a big Boston lawyer but chose to focus on issues specific to Boston suburbs. He is particularly sensitive to the challenges facing small businesses, construction, and real estate developers in the area. At this firm, clients are not tossed between associates and paralegals. This eliminates the burden of receiving conflicting advice from costly firms. Middlesex County business litigation attorney Richard Mucci knows that your case relates to, and significantly affects, your employees, family, and investments. Attorney Mucci crafts legal strategies to meet your personal, individual needs.

Commitment to Quality Representation of Local Businesses

The firm would not be successful without the support of the local community. The Law Offices of Richard Mucci fosters this relationship by devoting its service to local needs. Years of legal experience has taught Attorney Mucci that representing small businesses, contractors, and suppliers does not end by merely resolving contract, employment, and real estate disputes. He is equally dedicated to protecting all your legal interests and preventing costly mistakes. Attorney Mucci’s experience and flexibility in diverse legal areas makes this the go-to firm for continued guidance in construction, business, employment, and real estate law. He works closely with you to cultivate business and foster the long-term growth of your company.

Devotion to Personal and Family Needs in Boston Suburbs

Unlike other firms, the Law Offices of Richard Mucci does not prioritize profits at the client’s expense. Attorney Mucci faithfully serves generations of clients, anticipating the needs of each family. He is a highly skilled attorney with extensive experience in litigation and works diligently to ensure that individuals receive the help they need. The firm is especially sensitive to the placement of special needs children and can handle cases involving challenges to individualized education plans. Having seen numerous probate cases, Attorney Mucci is also committed to shielding your investments and loved ones in the future. All too often, close family members are left to fend for themselves after an accident or death. This is why there is no time like the present to settle your affairs. The Law Offices of Richard Mucci provides the highest quality estate planning services to protect your business, investments, and the people you cherish most.

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If you have any questions involving a business, employment, construction, real estate, personal injury, family or criminal matter, Attorney Mucci can help. Middlesex County business litigation lawyer Richard Mucci is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and concentrates on issues affecting Boston suburbs. He has helped local individuals, small business owners, construction, and real estate developers negotiate advantageous contracts and resolve their disputes. Attorney Mucci’s dedication to service and diverse experience allows him to give individual clients personal attention and create solutions to fit specialized needs. Call (781) 729-3999 today for a confidential consultation or contact us online.

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